DEUCE Presents: Deadlift & Death Press Event

In ten days, we’re hosting a Halloween invitational for all-levels athletes. Saturday October 27th at 11AM we invite you for a beginner friendly competition comprised of three parts. First and foremost, there is a costume requirement and contest for best outfit. In addition, participants will find a one rep max deadlift (in costume) and complete

Why the name DEUCE?

Believe it or not, this garage has a rich history. Locals to Venice Beach will recognize the name, Abbot Kinney, but might not know much about the man. Mr. Kinney founded the area that is now Venice Beach and built what was (and still is) one of the most unique cities in the world, complete

The One Exercise for All Time

Imagine a training tool with no downside. It’s the proverbial “free lunch” of training. It’s all upside with no downside and it would be an instant driver of adaptation in any mover, including my grandmother and including your favorite pro athlete. I’m talking about sled walks. That’s right, people. I’m talking about walking. If you

Greatness Without Conformity

Former Nirvana drummer, Dave Grohl, is a rock legend. His musical success seems to be objective at this point because he’s continued to win in the industry across decades and even disciplines in music. While he’s now the front man for Foo Fighters, he rose to musical mastery behind the drum kit. Several years into

Change Direction? Toes Forward

Yesterday’s training includes a change of directions. Be careful to confuse the dynamic, complex, and seemingly more free movement of running as somehow having movement standards of less importance of, say, a deadlift. If you don’t consider that running, especially sprinting, is an act that puts force into the ground north of four times your