Gumby or the Tin Man

We all have limiting factors as movers. These are the specific elements that create a log jam in our progress. When it comes to range of motion related issues I find that there are two extremes. The first, most common, extreme is simply inflexibility. When movers haven’t developed the ability to get into a position

LAST CHANCE: Deadlift & Death Press Event

This is a last call for participants in Saturday’s Deadlift and Death Press event. This is a strength event meet Halloween celebration for all fitness levels. Whether you’re just participating in the costume contest or you will be finding a deadlift one rep max and a max set of bench press (135/75) in costume, the

Remedying the Strength Deficit

There’s a term in the scientific world of strength and conditioning called a strength deficit. This deficit can be understood as the difference between the capacity for a muscle or group of muscles and the individual’s ability to express that potential. This deficiency, which we all have to varying degrees by the way, hinges upon

A Pirate Life for [Us]

We reference a Steve Jobs quote often around here that goes on to say, “Why join the navy when you can be a pirate?” While a quick way to miss the point would be to think this is a slight on the military. It’s most specifically in reference to Apple flying the Pirate flag in

Locking In on an Effective Pattern

You know those people that get stuck in a loop? Heck, it might be you. It looks something like ideas are presented, more ideas are presented, even more ideas are presented, and finally no action. What is that about? Humans move in patterns. What’s more is that humans can have effective patterns in one area