7/5/18 - Process Over Everything

If today’s Hall of Fame athletes are using the techniques made famous by ancient Stoic philosophers to achieve peak performance, we ouch to observe the potential truths hidden inside them for our own use.

The video clip above is from our ‘Hold the Standard’ Summit that is hosted around the world for leaders and entrepreneurs. Once a leader understands the conundrum of performance as giving up a false sense of control of the results and a commitment to the process, individuals and teams have an opportunity to achieve their potential.

If you want results, change your mind. You now want a process.

Logan Gelbrich


7/5/18 WOD

High Hang Clean

Hang Clean

In teams of 3 or 4, AMRAP 6
Partner 1: 200′ Sled Push (145/100)
Partner 2: Max Slam Balls
Partner 3 & 4: Rest