7/3/18 - Inclusive, Yet Rigorous

I took a moment to observe the entire gym in action while coaching the Strongman 101 specialty course last week. DEUCE was lively with a diverse crowd participating in a number of different activities.

Inside there was a full class taking on training in the General Physical Preparedness (GPP) program. Men and women of varying ages were perfecting hollow rocks from the world of basic gymnastics and sumo stance deadlifts, which come from the world of powerlifting. Between the GPP class and I was a personal training session inspired by Ido Portal, who is a progressive movement coach. It combine elements of calisthenics and dance. Behind me, three women and five men were warming up to learn the intricacies of an obscure strength sport call strongman where they would later press beer kegs over their heads.

I’d venture to bet that this spectacle was rare if not the only place on Earth you’d see such a setting. Not to mention this all taking place in an open air auto body garage makes it especially peculiar. It’s flesh and blood inclusivity.

Today, more than ever, acceptance is important in this world. Inclusivity and acceptance, however, isn’t license for an anything goes mentality. Being inclusive doesn’t need to mean the validation of bullshit. In fact, we’re in the business of walking a fine line between being inclusive and being rigorous.

I’m proud to say that we’re both and we’re working hard to be both well into the future.


Logan Gelbrich


7/3/18 WOD

Find a max height box jump..

Then, complete 6 rounds of the following for reps:
In :60..
8 Toes-to-Bar
Max Sandbag Loads (AHAP)
-Rest 3 min-