Trainers: Short-Sided Thinking Personified

At this very moment, we’re in the eye of the storm that is a fitness revolution that we will likely only be able to fully appreciate in its wake. There are a number of stakeholders in this revolution. There are the participants getting fit, living more capable lives, and improving health markers. There are the

Investing 101

I realize this is a gym and you aren’t here to learn about investing. Hear me out. In business school at the University of San Diego there was a particularly notorious finance professor named Professor Rivetti. His success in the private sector and lack of desire to climb the academic ladder made for remarkably interesting

DEUCE Presents: Conjugate Methods Seminar

We take pride in being a place of learning. In the spirit of this we are hosting a two day course August 18th and 19th here for the CrossFit Conjugate Methods Course. Shane Sweatt, the seminar’s leader, has coached athletes to more than three dozen world records in powerlifting. His seminar is not powerlifting specific,

How to Fail: Advice from the Expert

I’m closing one of my businesses for good. It was a failure. I devoted seven heart-wrenching years in making ORIGINAL Nutritionals a success. I gave my best effort and it wasn’t enough. This wouldn’t be the first time and it likely won’t be the last time, either. Hell, I put twenty years of eggs in

Point of Performance: Chicken or the Egg

I received interesting feedback on a video posted to our social media the other day. The individual that sent the comment was making reference to the deviation in an athlete’s head position during an handstand walk. The deviation, of course, was away from neutral (which, is, according to many textbooks, very important). Now, a neutral