3/22/18 - Doors are for Kicking

One of my mentors once became frustrated by my politeness. I was waiting for permission. I was imitating a good mentee. As a result, I was boring and agreeable.

He shared with me a Zen parable of a young student who approach his master’s door, knocked, and got no response. Wanting the student to be hungry for opportunity, the master waited days and ignored many knocks at the door before answering. The student continued banging at the door. Finally, the patient student was granted his wish.

Sometimes we need reminders that there are too many people and too much noise in the world to sit back and wait for opportunity. Doors, after all, are for kicking in sometimes.

One of my favorite examples of this is the start to director Cameron Crowe’s career. He later chronicalled it in his Academy Award winning film, Almost Famous. The film recounts Crowe’s real life experience forcing his way on tour as a “reporter” to write a piece on the Allman Brothers at the age of sixteen. To add to the audacity, he called Rolling Stone to submit the work. His age and lack of profession seems to allude everyone involved.

He kicked in the door and the rest is history.

Logan Gelbrich


3/22/18 WOD

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:
6 DB Step Ups (Ea)
12 GHD Hip Extensions
50 Sled Push (AHAP)

Then, complete 8 rounds for time of:
12 Double Unders
6 DB Hang Power Cleans (50/30)
4 DB Push Presses
2 DB Thrusters