10/17/17 - Resources

So much of our time is spent on the gathering and the storing and the care of resources. We work all day so we can have food, a house, a car, a phone, the newest clothes, watches, jewelry, stereos, and the list goes on and on. We have collections of things solely for the purpose of having them. We stack dollar bills, we sell our souls for objects, and so called status.

I had a crazy realization moment a few months back. We took a family vacation, but our departure dates were separate. The girls left a couple days before I did, so there was some alone time at the house for Papa Bear. I will never forget the feeling when I walked in and no one was there. I looked around at all this stuff, and was mildly horrified. Why do we have all of this? Who even cares about all of this? I literally envisioned someone paying me some cash and me tossing them the apartment keys to just take all of it. I just don’t care about all of the stuff, and am not sure how I was lulled into gathering all of it.

Since this realization, my wife and I have been talking about just giving all of our stuff away. Well, not all of it, but definitely a lot of it. It’s just not needed. I mean we wear the same shortstack of clothes every week. If you ever see me you know what I am talking about. My wife has more rotation for sure in this department. But for the most part, we just have extra stuff that keeps hanging around year after year. I can’t even imagine what the growth problem will look like in ten or twenty years without some serious grooming.

The focus is on stuff, stuff, stuff, and more stuff. How many resources can I pile up so that all my needs are taken care of? My concern resides here. How many of us are caught in this vicious stuff tornado? How many of us fight all day long for resources?

Attainment of the prize (resource) is the focus here, and I am taking the stance that this is the wrong pursuit. I am not saying that prizes and accolades and stuff is inherently wrong. I am not saying that making money is wrong. I am taking the stance that being resourceful has more value than resources ever can. Pursue the ability to be resourceful, not the resource. Seek skills instead of dollars. Seek knowledge instead of quick fixes. Arm yourself with the ability to think outside of the box to provide, and work through problems.

Imagine the scenario of being hungry. I would say the easiest way is to go buy some food and eat it. How do you do this without money? You could pick it from a tree. You could hunt or fish. You could mow someones lawn for a dinner. There are tons of ways. Being resourceful doesn’t mean that you can’t buy lunch, but it does give you options. Work to be resourceful, and you won’t have a day that lack of resources shuts you down.


Danny Lesslie


10/17/17 WOD


Romanian Deadlift


Then, complete 6 rounds alternating with a partner:

:60 Max 50′ Sled Push

-Rest 2 min-