9/7/17 - Breadth

Are you able to display a vast array of physical skills? How is your flexibility? How is your strength? How is your cardiovascular endurance? How about your agility? Are these things you think about before you head to the gym? Are you concerned about the depth of your fitness? What drives your workout planning? How do you come to the exercises that you do?

You see, our program is a general physical preparedness program (GPP). Each day we take the breadth of your fitness very seriously. It matters that you have an ever increasing tool belt as far as fitness goes. It matters that you feel your progress. It matters that context is a part of the program. Why should a 42 year old mother of four back squat? Why should a sixty-two year old do kettlebell swings? Why should a fifteen year old be involved with a barbell at all? I can tell you that our needs as humans are a difference of degree, they are not a difference of kind. We all need to move. We all need fitness each and every day. This is not about a six pack. This is about moving better. This is about being stronger so you can carry your kids into the ocean. This is about running up stairs instead of heavily breathing while you walk up them. This is about carrying all the groceries in one trip. This is about pushing a neighbors stalled car because you can.

Breadth of fitness is a must. Movement is the language of the body. I can tell you, knowing that you have the ability to do something and choosing not to is much better than avoiding things because you doubt your physical resilience. A mind-body connection is a definite goal for a lot of us. Having some control over your body, and enjoying your progress brings you a lot closer to this. Expand you skills. Get stronger at the things you are good at, and work on things you may not be so proficient with.

If your not able to create some context around why you are doing something, ask a coach. How does this apply to me? Why do I need to do this? We all share very similar movement needs. And, a squat is a squat whether you are nine months old or ninety years old. GPP is for everyone.


Danny Lesslie


9/7/17 WOD


Paused Back Squat


Complete 4 rounds for reps of:

:60 Max Keg Loads (AHAP)

-Rest as Needed-