9/6/17 - Winning 101: A How to Guide

Well, folks, I hear you all loud and clear. You want to win. This is wonderful. What seems troubling to me, however, is the basic idea that winning is almost always more difficult than losing. By definition, you are choosing a challenge.

Now, I’m game for this choice of yours. Hell, I respect it.

Keep in mind, however, that a sure fire way to make the difficult challenge of winning more difficult is not knowing what it means to win in the first place. You’d be surprised at how often I see this.

Now you have people, countless amounts of people, flocking head first into this battle to win without first knowing what a victory even looks like. How can you expect to win if you can’t name the victory you’re after? Would you know it when you came across it? Or, would you just pass it by, trying your little heart out? Let’s be honest, though, accidentally winning happens much less often than never coming close. The last thing you need to worry about as someone who can’t define victory who is chasing it nonetheless is tripping over it along the way. Most people who haven’t decided what the desired outcome is that try and try and try again to win with all their might often live a frustrating life. This life is laced with failure, because under such aimless conditions success would be a coincidence.

If you are interested I winning, then a congratulations is in order. You are likely a human being. Before you break your back trying to make it all happen, help yourself out by defining what winning means first.



Logan Gelbrich


9/6/17 WOD

Build up to a heavy front squat..



2x 8 Front Squats (@65%)


Then, complete the following for time of:


Hand Release Push Ups

Double Unders