8/17/17 - The Great Debate

In an effort to either strengthen our stance on our principled decision to use Crossfit as a means to develop general physical preparedness (GPP) in our community or throw it out for a better alternative, we will be hosting a LIVE debate this Saturday on the matter. Our entire staff and Coach’s Prep students have been divided into two teams.

A coin toss determined who will defend CrossFit and who argue for non-CrossFit methods. Coach Danny’s team will defend the use of CrossFit as a highly effective means for developing GPP in the general population, while Coach Emily’s team will make the counter argument.

This thought experiment and rigorous study of principles will ultimately make both sides better coaches and, ultimately, make for a better DEUCE Gym. Tune in LIVE this Saturday at 8AM as we’ll be streaming live on our social media.


Logan Gelbrich



8/17/17 WOD

Spend 20 minutes finding a Heavy Yoke Carry


Then, AMRAP 2

Max Sandbag Loads

-Rest 2 min-


Max Dumbbell Squat Cleans (50/30)

-Rest 2 min-


Max Pushups