7/11/17 - DEUCE Racing: National Senior Games

If you guys haven’t been around to see Pam train, well, I can honestly say that you have been missing out. This woman is a phenom.

Pam came to train about three months ago, and she told me that she had some races coming up. This is not an unlikely story from a person looking to up their power output and leg strength. She went on to tell me that she had four races in one week. I began to have the inkling that I was dealing with someone very special here.

You see, Pam just blew past her 70th birthday and, in the past few years, has taken up competitive cycling. When I say she’s “competitive”, what I mean is she is just competed in the National Senior Games a few weeks back.

Pam had four races. She had the 10K on Monday, the 5K on Tuesday, the 20K on Thursday, and the 40K on Friday. May I remind you of Pam’s age? Clearly, it is just a number, because you would never know it when meeting her. Pam routinely pulls 400lbs well past 700 feet in a single workout on a sled. She also does weighted step-ups and has a litany of other impressive skills.

When I first met her, I was excited at the opportunity to help her get better. I honestly had no idea just how incredible this woman was. Her desire to win and her attention to every detail just drew me in to her journey. She inspired me, and I hope this story can inspire you. You see, the life of an athlete, can easily be maneuvered to the athlete’s life. We are all athletes for as long as we want to be. I hope you take the time to watch this video. I am still jaw dropped at what I saw. These people are still out there running sprints, throwing javelins, and they are way closer to a hundred than they are fifty. Heck, some of them are over a hundred. Pam told me about a long jumper that is 106. I’m speechless!

Pam came home with four medals and she’s more motivated then ever to train harder. She is now eyeballing a hundred mile race. What an inspiring story! I hope this helps you reframe the way you look at things. This active life we choose can go on for a long time. Stay young in your minds, friends. Stay strong for many years to come.


Danny Lesslie


7/11/17 WOD


Power Snatch


Then, AMRAP 5

10 Overhead Squats (115/85)

5 Box Jumps (30/24)