Intro Session: Not Seeing the Whole Field

Think about the defensive arrangement of a baseball team on the field. Everyone is looking towards home plate. Obviously the pitcher is directing his attention there, but you’ll also notice that the third baseman, centerfielder, and even the shortstop have their eyeballs trained in the same direction. It’s a slightly different vantage point, but same

Chris Harms Promoted to University of Hawaii

In Chris Harms’ short time with us he jumped into the role of a humble beginner. This was a hat he wore consciously, because he was an accomplished college athlete and current intern at UCLA’s strength and conditioning program. It wasn’t his first rodeo, but he treated his days with us as such. Once he

Are You Your Own Destroyer?

**DEUCE Gym is closed to the public today while the Red Bull Media House does production** Is life not hard enough? When we actually observe ourselves, we have odd behavior.¬†Us humans have a knack for getting in our own way, don’t we? We have baggage and insecurities. We overthink things and self-sabatoge. What other creatures

“There Will Always Be Shoes”

**The following is an excerpt from the manuscript of my forthcoming book, Go Right: A Logical Justification for Pursuing your Dreams** Years later, when I returned from the San Diego Padres Short Season A affiliate in Eugene, Oregon, I lived in a small apartment in Culver City. While training all offseason to prepare for my

Sick, Dumb, and in Trouble with the Law

With twenty minutes to spare, I walked into a central coast Denny’s looking for a date with some eggs and bacon. Plopping my bag down at the counter, I felt a frantic rush from the employees and several brave patrons. “Call 911! He’s in the restroom!” Twelve hours into a strongman media tour called, The