5/15/17 - It’s Just Weather

There are things that happen in this life that you observe that you are not able to dictate. These are things that you experience, but have no control over. Weather is one of these. The weather is present every single day. Depending on where you are on this lovely planet has a tremendous effect on the flavor you may experience. There are days that seem like art in their beauty and their feel. There are also more days that leave something to be desired. Regardless of the flavor that you have on this day, you have plans and things you need to accomplish, or maybe you don’t. Which ever camp you may be in as far as your to do list goes, I think that the weather in some cases might have an effect on this list.

What if you were one of the few that continued on their path despite the weather? Would people think that you are crazy? Does it matter that you are going to the beach in the rain? Does it matter that you are riding your bike to work in the rain? Does it affect you or cancel your plans when it is cold or icy?

In some respects, I think weather should dictate behavior when we are talking about safety and things of this sort. But, having less than ideal conditions is a poor excuse for a lazy attitude. I was listening to a man talking about teaching his son about weather. I don’t mean “this cloud” and  “that cloud” type of stuff, but how to deal with weather. He was teaching him about locus of control, or in other words, control the things that you can and allowing the other things go. Do what you need to do and don’t blame external factors for your lack of progress. There are going to be plenty of days in this life when conditions are not ideal for your ambitions,. In fact, there will be more days that this is the case than not, but letting this be the reason for the proverbial wasting of time is not something to get in the habit of.

What do you do when there is nothing to do? Talk about the weather. Isn’t that the old adage about old men sitting on the porch talking about the weather for hours? Nothing really gets accomplished but the droning ticking of a hand on a clock and a cloud moving across the sky. My point here is not to bang on old men for what they talk about or have everyone go out to mow your yard in a thunderstorm, but thinking about how things that you cannot control affect you can be a very worthwhile exercise. Be more in control of the things you can, and let go of the rest. I bet this route will lead to a bit more happiness in the end. And, you’re bound to accomplish much more.


Danny Lesslie


5/15/17 WOD


E: 6 Strict Dips

O: 8 Bent Rows


Then, AMRAP 7

7 Knees-to-Elbows

7 DB Push Presses (50/30)