5/3/17 - [VIDEO] Why DEUCE Gym Looks This Way

For those of you reading this that are fortunate enough to train with us in person at DEUCE Gym, I have a question. Would this experience be the same if we were in an unmarked office building with those Dunder Mifflin ceiling tiles? You know the ones I mean. They are the ceiling panels that, with the right throw, you can get a pencil stuck like a dart on a dartboard.

Those of you that are reading this from afar, would there be as much allure to a gym that was bound by duck tape or sat sandwiched between a Quiznos and a UPS Store?

Think about it. While I think a case can be made that people could still get fit and have success if DEUCE Gym didn’t look and feel the way that it does, but I’d bet it’d be different. I’ll say it. It’d be worse.

It’d be worse because the details matter. This isn’t a post about aesthetics or design. It’s a post about details. There are no shortages of men and women who are crazy about the big things, but there are far fewer individuals that share an equivalent passion for the minutia.

I’ll let you in on a secret. We enjoy a great gym, earn remarkable fitness transformations, and benefit from rich relationships, but we only are able to do so because we are absolutely maniacs for the minutia. We know the big wins are just results from big commitment to the process. The aesthetics matter, the way we write emails matter, the way the dumbbells are stacked matters, and wiping the bathroom tiles matters because the details are the key to excellence.


Logan Gelbrich


5/3/17 WOD

Find a 3RM Hang Clean..


Complete 2 rounds for time of:

1 Mile Run

6 Hang Cleans (185/135)