Cooking (and Moving) Without a Recipe

Every now and then I’ll try to cook. Well, let me rephrase. I cook all the time, but it’s mostly grilling meat and sautéing vegetables in a pan. Good salt and pepper and olive oil nearly describes all the tricks up my sleeve. There are no recipes. So when I say that every now and

The OK Plateau

What is it? Well, the OK Plateau is a stage of skill development that occurs when the subject reaches a satisfactory level of understanding such that the particular task is no longer intellectual and becomes automatic. If you’ve had your driver license for any substantial amount of time, you have this concept to thank for

Salute to Lt. Michael Murphy

**We will be closed Monday 5/29 in observance of Memorial Day** Memorial Day is a special day at 110 Lincoln. Join us at 10AM for a tribute workout to salute our fallen service men and women. As per tradition, we will be tackling “Body Armor” a favorite workout named by Michael himself that was later

Memorial Day “Murph” Monday

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**There will be no regular classes Monday in observance of Memorial Day** Monday is a big day around here. Join us at 10AM to salute the men and women who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in service of our country. Memorial Day will be celebrated at the garage in true DEUCE fashion with some fitness

Remember: “First Things First”

“First things first.” It’s a figure of speech usually used to emphasize the value in entertaining the most important issues first in a series of activities. I love figures of speech, specifically the corny ones. Think about what makes figures of speech corny, after all. Or, think about what makes them figures of speech in