4/20/17 - Flexible Spending Account

**Guest author, Coach Lisel, is leading a new DEUCE Mobility class Monday at 7:15PM**

Constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity. That is the definition of CrossFit. Pretty logical if you ask me. Are you able to change your outlook, using real time situations, quickly? Can you accomplish a switch in mindset with the help of tangible or tactile or audible or visual cues? Okay, you’ll be a great CrossFitter, but you’ll also be a great person.

Altering your mindset can be quick and easy, but it can also be frustrating and scary. Is mindlessly jogging in a lap around a high school track quick and easy? Is sprinting as fast as you can down to the 400m mark on Rose Avenue plus the turn around and 90 degree angle around the tree frustrating and scary? The answer to both is “Yes”. The difference between the two is uncertainty. You may feel uncertain about shifting your mindset. Changing your outlook on things is scary because you can’t predict the outcome, you have to take the leap and find out.

No one can tell you to stop thinking one way and to start thinking another way. You have to figure that out for yourself. Let your mindset be the ever changing, forever evolving, life long student inside of you. The day you feel stuck in a rut, remember the first time you read “tall snatch” or “viper press” and thought, what the fuck is that? And, remember how you figured it out and did it. You can overcome your obstacle with the innate mobility of your reptilian brain. All you need is a little help from your friends, and a nice cup of coffee, and you can do just about anything you put your mind to.

Lisel Lewis


4/20/17 WOD


Bench Press

Then, 3 rounds for time of:

6 Sandbag Squats (AHAP)

12 Inverted Rows

100 Double Unders