4/10/17 - Baseline Dreams

By now you should know that we are a performance-based gym. What I mean by this is that the frame through which we view fitness is in definable, measurable performance. In our opinion you cannot evaluate one’s fitness by what you see in the mirror. Fitness, then, is not an opinion, but a measurable fact.

The ‘Intro Session’ that marks the first training experience for any prospective student at DEUCE Gym includes one specific, objective measure of one’s work capacity called the ‘Baseline’ workout. While general physical preparedness (GPP) has many IMG_0519measurable attributes, the ‘Baseline’ is an opportunity to define and observe something tangible about your fitness. With training and excellent coaching, we aim to improve the physical capacity of our students. Improving upon this defined ‘Baseline’ isn’t a complete picture of one’s fitness, but it does provide two data points that can indicate objective improvement.

Just last week, we had the ‘Baseline’ show up in the GPP program and there were countless new personal reocrds. One of which came from Ewan Bowman, who from 2013 and a time of 15:26 to an incredible score of 3:56 last week. It’s in retest efforts like this that we can see in black and white ink the fruits of our training.

Do you find it hard to get excited about improving your times or loads in your lift? Have no fear. This actually is an intentional effective strategy to enroll in a process that yields result oriented goals like looking and feeling better. Chasing performance is a trick to chase looking better naked in a more effective way. We know how to make people stronger, faster, flexible, and have more cardiovascular endurance. Conveniently for us (and our students what want to look and feel better), when you get stronger and faster, you look like it, too. When you have more cardiovascular capacity you feel like it, too.

Congratulations to Ewan and all the other PRs. Not only are you objectively more fit, you look and feel like it, too.


Logan Gelbrich


4/10/17 WOD


100 Double Unders

Max Push Presses (135/95)

-Rest 4 mins-


100 Double Unders

Max Hang Power Cleans