An Evolved Sweet Tooth

Believe it or not, you’re evolutionarily designed to slam four donuts in a sitting. We cut cake into pieces because it’s socially acceptable, but the DNA floating around in your body, which by the way has evolved for 2.5 million years with survival in mind, has programmed us to eat the whole damn thing. I

Agility: The Macro View

When you hear the word agility, what comes to mind? I’d bet you have images in your head of someone moving through one of those footwork ladders really quickly or maybe a football player running side to side through some sort of constellation of athletic cones. Well, believe it or not, agility isn’t about fast feet.

There Are No Easy Workouts

While intensity is something we grow a more precise relationship with in time, its presence in our training is universal. The more advanced an athlete becomes the closer he/she can walk the edge of personal limits, but there are no easy workouts. The same is true for driving really fast. The best drive the fastest and don’t

Pro Shop: DEUCE Bottles

Since adding the world’s cleanest water supply to the gym, we’ve also added a way to store your water in style. The official DEUCE Gym water bottle is not only stylish with it’s matte white coat and the laser engraved logo, it’s function is remarkable. This bottle can keep cold liquids cold and warm liquids

No Letterman Jacket Needed

Coaching fitness through the frame of a former athlete is interesting. Coaches dealing with the general population observe the best and the worst of human behavior. We see students overcome remarkable deficits and captain massive life changes. On the other hand we see men and women, undermine their own efforts, lie, and waiver in their