DEUCE Lifestyle: Introducing the Pitmaster

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It’s not the first time we’ve been graced with the presence and food of Three Ten BBQ. In fact, we ate like kings a this past annual Memorial Day “Murph” thanks to head pitmaster Tom Paccioretti. Tom trains at DEUCE in the GPP program and uses his training to represent DEUCE Racing while he competes

The Littlest Fish in the Pond

When I was in middle school I remember a coach asking a much older friend of mine, “Well, do you want to be a big fish in a little pond or a little fish in a big pond?” At the time the coach was asking the question to help the young ball player choose which

Push/Pull Challenge Finals Saturday

Five weeks ago a number of DEUCE Gym students embarked on a journey to up their game with a partner. The Push/Pull Partner Challenge sought to do several things: Improve Pull Up Skill/Capacity Improve General Fitness Provide Specific Context for Training Offer a Chance to Compete This Saturday at 10AM we will find out which

[VIDEO] Achilles Heal: The Road to Recovery

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Just hours after Sal Masekela watched CrossFit Games veteran, Julie Foucher, tear her Achilles, he would get in his car and drive to a charity basketball game and succumb to the same injury. A social media connection led to tandem support for the next nine months as both rehabbed their bodies through the grueling road to

Fitness: A Borderless Responsibility

With the 2016 CrossFit Games behind us, all of us coaches are taking a deep breath. The CrossFit Games week is stereotypically the busiest week of the year by a large margin. With scores of visitors dropping-in and Games athletes cramming for the test, the gym is buzzing in a way that no other week