6/14/16 - Sorry. And, You’re Welcome.

Given the choice, I seem to prefer a more rough and tumble, brotherly environment of pointed jabs, harsh criticism, and mostly funny (but slightly deep cutting) jokes. Historically, I’ve seen it hold me accountable and I’ve seen it move groups into high performance zones (SEE: Growth Mindset).

Surely, you don’t need to prefer what I prefer, but I do think we all need a bullshit detector or two in our lives. Just last week I was out to dinner with Lindsey and some friends (all of which are bonafide sergeants in the Bullshit Police), and no one was off limits. One in the dinner party in particular was an tenured industry pioneer, high performance individual, and dare I say celebrity? Nonetheless, shots were fired.

Bullshit is bullshit and this group was making it known. In between my grins and our chuckles, I began to wonder, where else is this individual subject to this kind of accountability? Before I could think of any place, I was overcome with gratitude and a big smile.

I’d hope that you all surround yourself with people that, rather than corroborate your bullshit, seek to hold you accountable. For many students, however, the gym is the only place in their lives where they need to “play up” to authentic standards. Your B+ actions might get love everywhere else, but not here.

Sorry. And, you’re welcome.


Logan Gelbrich


6/14/16 WOD

Find 3RM Axle Press


Then, AMRAP 6

12 Dips

24 Situps