FREE Community Workout Saturday

**Skills & Drills/ All Classes Monday CANCELLED in Observance of Independence Day** Tell a friend! This Saturday is the first Saturday of the month, which means FREE fitness for anyone and everyone. The FREE Community Workout is a DEUCE Gym tradition and all are welcome. We will be welcoming both members and non-members to enjoy

Time Well Spent

Yesterday we drove back to New York from Virginia. Just outside the city we ran into some bumper to bumper traffic, which in New York is a pretty normal occurrence. We sat in the car on an off ramp for a good hour, in which we probably moved 200 yards. We were pretty pissed being

Thinking You Can or Can’t; Brittle Business

When you think about the perfect mindset, what comes to mind? Is it positive self-talk? Is it believing you can do something? If I was cornered to answer what the ideal mind meant, I think I’d refer to exactly that. It seems like a mind that thinks it can be successful. The problem with this

Fragile People Break

A friend recently sent me an alarming article that proposes that people under thirty have a measurably weaker grip than our populations just a few decades prior. Of course, there’s a swift explanation for the phenomenon as we enter into the most technologically advanced era of human existence. Much our our time spent working is

D-E-U-C-E Episode 2: Salina vs. Brandon

DEUCE Media in continuing with its new web series, “D-E-U-C-E.” It’s much less serious and educational than, say, the Tuesday Movement Insights, but those of you that know DEUCE Gym know that fun is a cornerstone in our community. The game is “DEUCE.” Much like the classic basketball game “HORSE,” missed efforts earn a letter. The