5/24/16 - The Power Clean Signature

What makes a power clean so “powerful” you ask? Well, by definition “the clean” is simply an effort that moves a load from below the waist to the shoulder. Completing a full clean of an object, (usually a barbell) from the floor to the shoulder, passes through a full squat. A power clean’s differentiating signature characteristic, however, is the receiving position.

In a power clean, we receive the barbell somewhere above a full squat, which by definition displays more power. It’s all the work of the clean without all those extra inches down into a full squat and back up – PHEW! Ground to shoulder; speedy-like.

Power, after all, is a relationship between force and distance divided by time. Since, the power clean does all the work of “the clean” with less distance and less time, it’s much more efficient use of our time, don’t you think?

Of course, the full clean isn’t obsolete. A great argument could be made for the full clean at loads that would be impossible otherwise. In addition, our worldview says that our fitness is a function of work capacity. This goes on to say that when we can do more work, faster we are displaying and developing more profound fitness.

In relation to the clean, the power clean is a metaphor of our entire goal in the gym. Luckily, technique, safety, and fitness adaptation all overlap in the same end zone of performance. The best technique often displays the most power (work capacity), is also the safest, and yields the most fitness change. Yay, power cleans!


Logan Gelbrich



5/24/16 WOD



Power Cleans (135/95)

Ring Dips



Then, complete 4 rounds for quality of:

7 Strict Pull Ups

100’ Death March