FREE Event Saturday: ROMWOD

During the Whole Life Challenge, we’ll be playing host to numerous FREE events for participants and visitors alike to enrich their experience at DEUCE Gym. This Saturday our friends from ROMWOD will be offering their services from 1-3PM for no charge! ROMWOD offers an app for pre and post training yoga, as well as specific

World’s Strongest Vibes

The man in the photo above is one of the sweetest people you’d ever meet. In addition, he’s one of strongest men on Earth. In fact, no man has pressed a heavier log than him in United States history. His name is Robert Oberst and he’s a fan of your energy, athletes. Just yesterday, Oberst

“Get What You Came For”

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We say it a lot and I’ve even written about it before. If we went to the Whole Life Challenge informational meeting, you heard me say it. I’m going to say it again.  Get what you came for. In the context of being a member at the gym, it seems foolish to me to do

Are You Eating Enough?

This is a general observation that the more fit and active you are, the more likely you are to “clean eat” your way to under-fueling. We tend to teach ourselves and observe that to be healthy means to minimize some nutritional volume. Overweight, out of shape folks would probably tell you that to make progress

Electric & Rose – WLC Week 1: Daily Journal

Our local friends, Electric and Rose, are sponsoring ‘Week 1.’ They make premium designer active wear. Their namesake is homage two iconic Venice streets, one of which (Rose Ave) plays host to our run routes. The lifestyle point this week is a daily journal. Writing in a journal ten minutes a day will get you five lifestyle points.