FREE Event Saturday: Egosque

During the Whole Life Challenge, we’re providing an onslaught of FREE resources for our people. Join us Saturday at DEUCE Gym between 1 and 3 PM for a practical educational experience with our friends from Egosque Santa Monica. They are a local establishment that looks at human movement and ways to improve issues, imbalances, and

[VIDEO] DEUCE Lifestyle: Laurel Gord

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Our prized possession is our people. One of our pride points with our General Physical Preparedness (GPP) program is that it’s for everyone. Both the most fit athletes in the world and regular people like you and I can enjoy the benefits of what we’re about here, and they do. If you’ve ever been around Laurel


I am 34 years young this year, and will soon enough be one year younger. I have reached a distinct change in my fitness life. Before this past year, I felt as if I could do about any thing I wanted as far as eating, sleeping and recovery go, and still keep improving. I realize

Rituals vs. Routines

A new friend of mine, Jon Skaggs, had some interesting things to say the other day. The relevance of his comments for those pursing fitness is a direct hit. During the context of the Whole Life Challenge, sharing his thoughts is a no doubter. We met though a mutual friend from the baseball world. Jon’s

ROMWOD – WLC Week 2: 1 Hour Electronics FREE

Our friends at ROMWOD are sponsoring ‘Week 2.’ ROMWOD is online resource for yoga routines that help thousands of athletes prepare for workouts, recover from workouts, and chip away at movement limitations. Their app brings simple instruction direct to your phone. You can even filter routines based on body part, specific movements, and even by how much time you