The Chatter

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I love chatter. I’m talking about the hum of trash talk, wise comments, and semi-serious jabs that fill any dugout, locker room, poker table, or gymnasium. Back when I was playing still, they’d always say, “You won’t remember the scores or the great plays. You’ll remember these moments with each other.” Much of that carries

lululemon Presents: Blind Barber Tour

Our friends from lululemon Santa Monica are working hard for a good cause. This Sunday from 11AM to 5PM, they are hosting Blind Barber in store to kick off Movember, a month long fundraising effort in support of Prostate Cancer. Blind Barber, in conduction with lululemon, is offering FREE shaves for men who RSVP to

Fall Strength Challenge – Chapter 8

There are three days until the finals. Have you been keeping up with your assistance work? Are you prepared for this Saturday? Physical Activity Make sure that over the next few days to get your rest. Keep your training light and easy. Focus on technique and mobility. As far as physical efforts go, I would

Hit Them with the Vibes

Energy is a funny thing. You know, the energy in a room? Without any words spoken, everyone can fully understand the same feeling based on a vibe alone. These vibes are often reciprocated from the receiver back to the giver. This energy bounces off people and can mold our feelings and behaviors. I distinctly remember

A Mind Fit for Fitness

Many folks that want the most out of their training or their crazy nutritional practices have a mindset that isĀ leastĀ fit to get such results. If your mind isn’t on board with what it’s going to take to get where you want to go, well then it doesn’t matter where you want to go. You aren’t