Everything in Life is Easy

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There are days that I wonder what the hell I could ever offer you all. It often feels silly that I should even be speaking to you all, many of which are older and more experienced than I, about anything meaningful. Today is one of those days. If there ever was a person you all

Fatal, Natural Human Tendencies

What if I told you a basic human habit could kill you? Welp.. it’s true and it happens all the time. It’s called Normalization of Deviance. The short story is this. We take a short cut and not die (or receive any other significant consequences) and the action goes unchallenged in our minds. Over time we

DEUCE Presents: Personal Training

Did you know that group classes isn’t the only thing we do here? That’s right. Group training is our bread and butter, but sometimes there are certain circumstances where private training makes sense. We have numerous qualified coaches for regular private training sessions, one off skill sessions, and other private training experiences. Each coach has his/her own

ICU Work

A bright spot in our community has been faced with a swift and potent dose of adversity these last few weeks. Scott Pellegrino is a young, bright spot in the morning GPP classes and the Strength 202 program. His east coast accent laces every sentence of wit and crude honesty with just enough genuine love

DEUCE Presents: Fall Strength Challenge

The constant variety of GPP has plenty elements to enjoy. If, however, you were wishing you could dial in some laser-like focus, one of our performance challenges would do the trick. Our next challenge starts September 5th and will last eight weeks. The format is an unofficial powerlifting meet where participants will record a one