Get a Career, Get Neck Tattoos

Lindsey has a cool sticker on our printer at home that has a big red “X” through a stick figure sitting at a desk with the caption, “No Desk Job.” I recently posted a picture of it to social media because it reminded me of a deal I made with myself when I was young

Be a Winner, Get Knocked Out

When’s the last time you tried your very best and lost? Scratch that. When’s the last time you put your mind to something, said you were going to do it, prepared, and went out to execute and lost? I talking about those times where you’re reflecting on your failure and there’s not an excuse or

Baseline, Swing, Recovery

We all have a baseline existence of happiness. For some segments of our lives, “home base” is a being a solid eight out of ten on the happiness scale. Surely, some low points in life could have a generally lower baseline. Call those periods a six out of ten. Naturally, we deviate from our baseline

Bearing the Weight of DEUCE Gym

We opted from the get go to make things hard for ourselves. The same is true for you, too, in fact. When we had those words painted in gold leaf above the garage door, “Hold the Standard,” it meant no time off. Ever. Furthermore, this burden of responsibility is only exasperated by our relentless efforts

Memorial Day ‘Murph’

**Regular Classes Cancelled in Honor of Memorial Day** We ask that you join us at noon this Memorial Day for a day of community, fitness, and honor for those that have lost their lives fighting for freedom. As a tradition shared around the country, we’ll take part in “Murph,” a grueling workout named after Medal