Human Movement Doesn’t Choose Sides

Movement is movement. It doesn’t root for a particular training program. Human movement isn’t more of a fan of CrossFit than it is dance. It surely doesn’t favor strongman just because I happen to like strongman, either. In that way, we chuckle when folks miss the forrest for the trees about fitness. This concept was

Two to Tango

I once had a man walk in the gym pointing at his midsection and ask me, “How much would it cost to make this go away?” Through his broken English, we worked through key details like him not wanting to bulk up his arms or pay too much money, “just lose the fat here” (around

The 2015 Reebok CrossFit Open is HERE!

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Each year the Reebok CrossFit Games crowns the fittest man and woman on Earth. The first stage in this three part competition starts right here at 110 Lincoln Blvd. Each week for five weeks, CrossFit HQ will announce a workout on Thursday evening at 5PM. Participants will have until Monday evening at 5PM to complete

An Improbable Scene

Every so often there are particular moments when the magic of DEUCE slaps you in the face more so than normal. There was a moment last Thursday morning where I had to take a second to understand the gravity of the situation. You see, we had a couple friends of the gym visiting from Australia


You can earn your lifestyle points this week by writing and completing one thing you must do each day, as well as two things that you’d like to get done, and three things that would be nice to get done. Each week a meaningful sponsor will help us make for a rich challenge experience. This