Happy Halloween!

Halloween is a holiday we like to participate in around here. Be sure to wear your costumes to class today. Don’t forget that there’s a difference between being committed to improving your health and fitness, and being ridiculous. So, take today for what it is. Have fun and enjoy some treats. Life’s too short to

An Interest in Movement

I’ve got something I know you’ll be interested in. In fact, I know you’re interested in it. It’s looking, feeling, and performing better. We talked about it in your “Intro Session.” Sure, you might want some things more than other things. That’s natural. It’s why you’re here. Now, let me help you. There’s something that you

DEUCE Enrollment: In to Win

If you take a blanket look at our membership structure, you’ll notice that the costs, time commitments, and procedures for pausing/stopping training aren’t really about business. It’s about coaching. What we’ve cultivated is a structure that acts like a tool for success. Plain and simple, human nature does not and has not yielded much success

Starting with the Hiding Hand Principle

Though I can’t take credit for the idea, as a fellow DEUCE Gym athlete turned me onto it sometime ago, I’d like to share with you some theoretical motivation to start the big project you’re putting off. You know, it’s the one that is your passion. It’s what you really want to do. It’s big

Super Maximal Safety

As a strength and conditioning coach, it’s quite easy geek out on this stuff. One of my favorite fun facts of functional movements is one that might surprise you. Functional movements, which are by and large what we focus on at DEUCE, are safe at super maximal loads. In other words, one can safely attempt