Good Reasons Don’t Count

**Before I begin, I wanted to offer up a contrasting thought to everything I’m about to say. To be human is to be emotional. In many ways, it’s the feelings we have that are the defining difference between humanity and anything else. Regardless as to what it would mean for performance and efficiency, a life

Impact/Ease Chart (on a Napkin)

Just as I sat down to craft this blog at the local Groundwork Coffee shop on Rose, my great friend Clark Vautier walked into the shop. Though Clark and I visit with each other very infrequently and we differ in age quite a bit, we’ve connected quite deeply on a few things between the ears. We often

The Undeniable Resume

What if you built a trump card resume? It’d be accepted everywhere and never up for refuting. You see, just the idea of this  undeniable resume being possible puts a very nebulous, uncontrollable thing like success in the crosshairs with real tangible markers. Think about it. How would you go about being “successful?” It’s Thursday,

A Chance for Speed

I was thinking, in a very basic way, that outside of childhood many folks aren’t afforded too many opportunities to be fast. We don’t really run play much tag these days. Most sporting activities are done for us, as well,  unless it’s a local 5K or marathon. It feels like this element of speed is

Crush Cancer 2014

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Each year we corral our efforts in one massive fundraising effort. Crush Cancer is an event put on by our friends at DogTown CrossFit in the heart of Culver City. In its third year and with the help of worldwide participation last year, Crush Cancer raised nearly half of a million dollars, which all went