[VIDEO] The Grind

Ok, so maybe you all aren’t 19 year old collegiate baseball players. I’d like you to take this in, nonetheless. I was originally drawn to this master piece because I lived the life of the boys featured in this video. And, believe me, it was a grind. “For what is each day but a series of conflicts

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That’s right. It’s real. So real, in fact, that we are Yelp certified. This means a few things. For one, our community will grow faster than ever and secondly, we get to share our experiences with folks that know literally nothing about us. Imagine that this community that you call home (including FFOTB) is all

A Community Feast

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No, we aren’t having another social event quite yet. But, stay with me here. I think you’ll like what’s cooking regardless. You see, as someone that is a part of this community, I’d like to recruit you to help take this community to the pinnacle. The work that I’m talking about isn’t too laborious and

Step 1: Organize Your Spine

Your spine is made up of about thirty-three different separate pieces. This centrally located piece of real estate of our anatomy is ground zero for all human movement. Spinal position sets the foundation for every bit of human movement, even that of the extremities. Application of force whether in a jump, a punch, during a

You Should Be Strong

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As a strength and conditioning coach, I deal with people’s resistance to the ‘strength’ part of my job on a daily basis. It’s makes people uneasy, especially women. I’d say for as much as 50% of the population, people can support real fitness but only to a point. That point is often strength. The stigma