FFOTB Ladies Set for “Femme Royale”

Though this isn’t just true of our little functional fitness world, it should be known that our women make this place tick. I can hear Beyonce sing it now..  Next Saturday our women are showing out in FORCE to compete at Orange Coast CrossFit’s “Femme Royale” competition. The women’s only event will feature 6 teams

Mastering Outcomes

Navigating life’s ocean of variables and outside influences sometimes makes it impossible to think we have any control of our outcomes. Heck, you can do everything right. From a stellar resume to quality recommendations and a passionate attitude, if you get stuck behind an overturned truck on your way to the job interview, you’re not


OK, maybe not every American struggles from addiction in the traditional sense with drugs or alcohol. One could make a pretty damn good argument, however, that a vast majority of Americans do suffer from addiction of a different kind. Subject matter experts in academia understand that our sugar dependence isn’t much different than an addiction

Phew!.. Too Hard..

It’s human nature to avoid the unknown and uncomfortable. It wouldn’t help our efforts in survival much to be able to turn off fear easily. As a coach I see this all the time. Consciously or subconsciously,  men and women of all walks of life dodge adversity even when it’s in their best interest. Take

A Leader’s Responsibility

This Saturday most of you are joining us for the start of our big Whole Life Challenge. Like I mentioned in the Pre Game Huddle meeting Wednesday night, this challenge is about YOU. Your choices and their consequences should not be defused in to the rules of the game, whomever “made” you sign up, or