FFOTB Presents: ‘MURPH: The Protector’ Premiere

With most of our community in the midst of the Whole Life Challenge, life may seem very polite around here. No rowdy parties, no wine laden dinners, not even the occasional burger and fries. Well, life need not be so dull, folks. I’d like to share with you a social event that we are putting


You’re a doer. In doing anything there is a start or some initial action. This beginning, we’ll call it, comes with a great deal of baggage, however. It comes with opportunity, but it also comes with responsibility. You see we’ve got a responsibility to see things through. We’ve got to uphold harmony in the universe.

The Top 2 Worst Ways to Evaluate Fitness

Let’s be honest. We’re all judging the heck out of this whole exercise and nutrition experiment. Sure, maybe some (or most of it) is in a surface level, vanity type judgement, but evaluation is important. I mean, no matter what it is, we’ve got to have ways to evaluate how things are going, right? In

Streaks: Keeping Them Going & Keeping Sanity

There are quite a few quirky things about us humans. One of which is our attachment to the linear narrative. Of course, there’s an evolutionary purpose here. Putting things into a story makes things easier to remember, understand, and recall. For example, I want you to take a glace at the following letters and recall

The Awesome Factor

Though I’m not a revered philosopher by any means, I’m about to go deep with you. It seems as though there’s something undeniable about exceptional performances. Furthermore, I’d argue that it doesn’t matter what ways one is incredible, just that they are, in fact, remarkable. To make my point, let’s look at the angle “less