Celebrating Influence

There’s no better time of year than to celebrate those around you. Take a look at one of our very own who is shaking things up in the world. Jaison Morgan’s sheer brilliance isn’t going unnoticed. He recently gave this talk at TEDxMidAtlantic about his work driving innovation with competition and prizes. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyOaoIcCeMY] — It’s

2nd Annual No Man’s Land Bowling Night

Each year in honor of what we call “No Man’s Land,” or the time between Christmas and New Years, we play host to a bowling night. It’s our hope that we can get the members of our community that are in town during this time together for a social gathering in an effort to connect

Say It

This is the time of year that people gather with those that they love and spend time together. The holidays are a great time, a time to celebrate those people that you have around you that mean the world to you. These are the people that make you want to be a better person and

“Harder to Kill”

With all this buzz about the end of the world and the zombie apocalypse, it’s never really been a more ripe of a market for services that make folks “harder to kill.” Wouldn’t you agree? Though tongue and cheek, the sentiment is fun to examine. I”ll never forget the first time I heard the expression,

Trying to Jog to Results?

If you haven’t come across it yet by now, my other company, ORIGINAL Nutritionals, which is home for clean athletes around the world, has a performance blog that has tons of relevant information from specific athletic training protocols to general observations of high performance individuals. The ORIGINAL Performance blog (TheCleanAthlete.com) recently featured an article I