Pitch to Pitch Adjustments

*5:30 PM Class CLOSED for New Years* Well, I guess in the world of training this title doesn’t make any sense. Let’s call it “Rep to Rep Adjustments.” The message is the same, however. Bear with me. The title of the blog comes from my last career in baseball. You see, the game of baseball

[VIDEO] Humor & Performance

You find humor forced into odd places nowadays. And, rightfully so. Who doesn’t like to laugh? Comedies of TV and film are the obvious places to inject your life with humor, but we are such consumers of comedy that it’s not difficult to find Comedy-based Driving Schools, for example. Humor even has taken considerable hold

The Almighty “No Rep”

“No rep!” We’ve all heard it. For many of us it’s the first time that our exercise has an element of referee, judge, or umpire. “You mean I don’t get credit for that?” Unlike getting a workout done at Bally’s, it’s our nature to hold specific standards in our training, because part of what makes

Operation: Start My Life Over

Chances are you are on one of two sides of the fence as you are reading this: 1) You’ve rekindled your love for refined sugar and prolonged sitting or 2) You’ve never been more motivated to exorcise the gluten/ sugar overdose you just handed yourself. Personally, I am sitting atop the highest perch in camp

Happy Holidays to ‘The Nation’

-No Class for the Holiday- This time of year is made great in large part by the efforts we make to reflect. When I take time to reflect on this past year I see each and every one of your faces. I hear the heartfelt complaining about the mountain climbers being two count instead of