Here’s a confession for you… this place is a passionate one. There aren’t many students in our community that come when they have a free morning here and there. For the most part, the people at FFOTB are head-over-heels with the idea of this community and living their lives with the Awesome Button stuck in

Not “Most Places”

Most places it’s hard to be yourself… Most places aren’t interested in your victories… Most places take themselves way too seriously… Most places aren’t in the business of happiness… Most places seek value in exclusivity… Most places discourage uncontrollable laughter.. Most places are impersonal… Most places are about “the sell”… Most places are just OK.

FFOTB Presents: The Route 56 Challenge!

The following message is for motivated people only: Functional Fitness on the Bluffs is proud to announce it’s second ever community challenge. This one is more comprehensive, longer, and has bigger stakes. Follow me here.. Imagine a framework that would support an undertaking for yourself so comprehensive that I probably couldn’t be done alone. This

Skinny: The Fad

Oh, body image. When I think of this subject, the first thing that comes to mind is that image from the cartoons with the rabbit running furiously after the unreachable carrot dangling in front of him. Body image is a perspective, and it holds about as much weight as fashion does. It’s an opinion. And,

Taking Control at 61

Meet Sue. She’s 61 and taking on functional training for the first time because of news she received from the doctor regarding her weight and blood work. When you take a look at this short video, realize that you are watching someone who made a simple choice to take control of her life. Nothing crazy.