Happy Thanksgiving!

*NO CLASS–Thanksgiving Holiday*   Well, well, well… the day is upon us. I hope you all enjoy every moment. Danny and I are grateful for each of you, near and far, both current students and past. Even if you just read the blog from a distance, you too, have added to this experience. So, THANK

FFOTB Nation Does Thanksgiving

Can’t you picture it? The entire FFOTB community at a long dining room table fit for the Queen of England, with piles and piles of food in the center. We are indeed a family, at least if you ask me. Just like any family we are full of different personalities and hilarious mannerisms. Not to

Eat Clean; Don’t Be an Idiot About It

Imagine this whether it’s true or not: You’re starting to come around to eating for performance. Eating meat, fish, poultry, eggs, vegetables, some fruit, little start, plenty of fat, and no sugar has changed your life. You look better, you feel better, and you realized that though the meek, groggy, swollen feeling of eating grains

Are You Overtrained?

I’ve seen some of you give me “the look,” so I know you can relate. I am talking about “the look” I get when I don’t allow students to pay for a membership upgrade. You’d think as a coach trying to make a living that there isn’t a sweeter sound than that of a student

One Amazing Student at a Time

Maybe I don’t want everyone to come out to FFOTB. The other day, one of our wonderful students reached out to help us grow the community. I was ecstatic at his excitement about the programs and willingness to help us grow. Something he said, though, caught my attention. He noted that while our success has