My Painful Journey Through the World’s Best Seller

As I reached into my book bag to pull out my latest read, an awareness to a journey became apparent to me. A year ago or so, I set out to read the Bible. Yup, the WHOLE thing, cover to cover. Though I’m not done, I am close to finishing the historic text. When I

Commitment Takes Practice

Commitment. It’s a buzz word. It’s a cliche. It’s been the focus of many motivating talks. We talk about it often in our program, and commitment is even ingrained in our system in how we operate. Below is a video of Marcin Dolega snatching 199 KG, which broke the world record at the time.   [youtube=]

Destination Fitness Weekend @ The Pit

Functional Fitness on the Bluffs is proud to announce our first fitness retreat that will take place September 9-11th in Arroyo Grande, CA. Attendees will join a group for a once in a lifetime experience under the guise of a dear friend of mine, Kenny Kane (A-list Celebrity Trainer/ Coach of Team CFLA), and John

“Who’s Winning?”

The  classic text on negotiation “Getting to YES,” by Rodger Fisher and William Ury, may not be about strength and conditioning, but I think the story told at the end of the book is extremely relevant. Here it is: “Winning” In 1964 an American father and his twelve-year-old son were enjoying a beautiful Saturday in

Time Out: You’re Amazing

Given that you look at yourself everyday in the mirror and that you don’t have perfect perspective on where you have been, where you are now, and where you are going, chances are you can’t see what’s happening to you. If you’ve been a student here for some time now, chances are you are missing