Four Misconceptions Regarding Dairy

One of the most common concerns I hear for not giving up dairy is that by doing so, you will put the health of your bones at risk, primarily due to insufficient dietary calcium. With that in mind, I thought I’d offer up a few suggestions for keeping those bones healthy sans dairy. Take note,

The 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games: SoCal Regional

Chances are you haven’t heard… This weekend is the Reebok CrossFit Games: SoCal Regional. CrossFit is the modality that influences most of our training at FFOTB, and as you all know since we count things and keep score on the white board (i.e. times and/or reps) it is also the sport of fitness. Each year


Whether you are talking about emerging business markets or your sport of choice, there is no question that competition is a powerful thing. Competition is at the root of the iconic moments we’ve seen a million times on the highlight reel as much as it is at the root of many advances in productivity and

“Woah! What are you training for?”

Earlier this week I was having a conversation with a FFTOB student, and she mentioned how often people ask her what she is training for. Of course, those types of questions can be expected with all of the thought-provoking photos of you working out on Facebook and calluses on your hands. Her answer was one


Are you a “realist”? So often, I think we chalk up “the way things are” as the only way they can be. This shows up in numerous places for different people, especially as we get older. Suddenly, we don’t shoot for goals that seem too far out of reach. We don’t expect successes that are